We gratefully acknowledge the generous contribution of our 2022 Lexus Song Quest Partners, Patrons and Funders.

Our Partners

New Zealand Festival Trust Patrons


Archibald Family
Richard Stone and Dennis Roberts
van der Boyes Family Trust
Peter and Mary Biggs
Helena and James Brow
Sir Roderick and Lady Gillian Deane


Paul and Sheryl Baines
Dame Kerry Prendergast and Rex Nichols
Maurice and Kaye Clarke
Dilys Grant and Annabel McCallum


David Goddard and Liesel Theron
Anna Kominik and David Cunliffe
Matt Whimp and Sarah Kemp
Nicola Saker and Mark O’Regan
Paul Ridley-Smith and Felicity Wong
Jane and Michael Hall
Geoff Dangerfield and Claire Douglas
Tim Brown and Gael Webster
John Allen and Janie Pack
Stephen Kos and Jocelyn Afford
Dame Patsy Reddy and Sir David Gascoigne
Howard Greive and Gabrielle McKone
Fay Paterson and Brett Gawn
Kate and Adam Thornton


Dinah and Robert Dobson
Lyn and Murray King
E Professor Les Holborow and E Prof Elizabeth McLeay
Tim Stephens and Sarah Bartlett
Gordon and Marie Shroff
John and Rachel Ryan
Jill Shepherd
Peter Chemis and Jane McDiamid
Leona Wilson
Matt and Adie McClelland
David and Heather Hutton
Ruth and Peter Graham
Kate Parsonson
Susan Freeman-Greene and Craig Stevens
Jane Meares and Denis Clifford
Kathy Jones and David Long
Campbell McLachlan and Rhona Fraser
Jeremy Winter and Judy Francis
Cathy Ferguson and Michiel During
Kim Davies and Andrew Kibblewhite


Virginia Breen
Chris McGrath
Mary Marshall
Allison and Victor Diem
Chris and Moyra Scanlon
Bronwyn Monopoli
Susan and Nigel Isaacs
Katie Chalmers and Michael Baker
Jackie and Joe Pope
Bronte Morris and Fiona Allen
Renata Minetto
Tom and Jan Huppert
Mike and Mazz Scannell
Margaret and Roger Sainty
Barbara Blake
Hilary Patton and Shirley Gainsford
Marion and Paul Frater
Errol and Jennifer Clark
Alison Franks and John Bristed
Bernadette and Mark Leadbitter
Sharon and Tom Greally
Carole Hicks
Michael and Kristin Gibson
Jane Kominik
Mike Camp and Anne Gaskell

Dr W Stokes and Mrs Mary Jo Taylor
Justin and Liz Lester
Judy Salmond
Rachel Metson and Paul Foley
Meg Williams and Olly Bisson
Margie Beattie and John Barlow
Carolyn Hooper and Terry Friel
Susan Timmins and Kerry Hollingsworth
Dame Fran Wilde
Ann Mildenhall
Rosemary Bradford and India Korner
Jeff and Jess Staniland
Carolyn Henwood
Anne Rice and Greg Kelly
Alan Judge and Catherine Shaw
Bridgit Sissons and Matt Yarnell
Julie Elstone
Suz and Peter Hausmann
Sue Elliott and Craig Smith
Greg Thomas and Jacquie Wilson
Ruth Lavelle-Treacy
Ross Steele
Carla and John Wild
Anne Shaw
Annie and Chris May
Liz Gibbs
Jen McDonald
Jenny Morel and Alan Bollard
Chris and Kate Abbott
Verity and Rupert Mackintosh

Launchpad Patrons

Jan Morgans
Elisa Puccioni
Beth Brash

Anonymous (10)